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Gullen Range Wind and Nyngan Solar Farm Output by Day for 2019 by Year Quarter and Month

"new needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements. Each age finds its own technique." Jackson Pollock (1950)

Darren Miller recently posted on Linkedin and (republished on Reneweconomy), a graph he produced resembling Jackson Pollock's "Blue Poles" using "5-minute data from a large solar farm and wind farm in 2019", noting "There's something mesmerising about energy data!"

Motivated by Marc Barrington's comment "Would be great to see this broken into quarters or months", a new graph type ("daily" - splitting a time-series into day parts) was implemented at NEMLog to explore some more.

The solar farm graph was an average of the 5 minute data over an interval, appearing to be hourly, as there were no dips you would expect to see in output due to cloud movements over the solar farm. Also, it was a fixed (non-tracking) type, so started with Nyngan Solar Farm (102 MW) in NW NSW and then looked at NSW wind farms with approximately 50-70% more maximum capacity, guessing Gullen Range Wind Farm (174 MW) in the first instance. A pretty close match comparing the two graphs using an hourly average - the top right corner of each graph is a perfect match. The solar farm traces matched also. A 5min graph was also generated showing the expected fluctuations in solar farm output.

Knowing the Solar and Wind Farm, we can now look at the graphs for quarters and months. Note the legend labels on each graph show the maximum, average, minimum and energy.

During 2019, for Gullen Range Wind Farm, July had the maximum production of 60,684 MWh at 49.6% utilisation and the minimum was April with 21,387 MWh at 18.8% utilisation. For Nyngan, December had the maximum production of 24,544 MWh at 32.5% utilisation and the minimum was June with 15,754 MWh at 21.4% utilisation.

Maybe these graphs and Pollock's quote from 1950 (above) "new needs need new techniques", reaffirms to us that "Each age finds its own technique" and we are well on the way.

2019 (Hour Average)